My “last post” for this thread.

There is an ocean, now, between MS in Bloomington Indiana USA and me in Hilversum Holland.

MS has found a cozy spot in the garage of dear friends. She sits on her center stand, fuel tank filled with high quality gas and stabilizer to prevent condensation water drops settling on the tank bottom, a cover to keep her again shiny black – silver – gold exterior from being covered with the dust of time. An intelligent battery tender keeps her power alive. Friends will start her up every month or so and/or take her out for a ride around the block. So, Adam (the ‘previous owner’), MS may be around occasionally in the Bloominton streets. If, Adam, your withdrawal symptoms are getting out of control, let me know; I am sure we can arrange a reunion with MS as remedy.

I am keeping further riding dreams alive. The incredible Fall colors of Brown County around this coming November 1 are probably too soon. The idea of riding US 41 (or parallel roads where more fun or necessary) all the way down to Key West next Spring is more realistic.

Yes, I did make some photos of the R66 saga; and I will put a few prototypical ones in an album on this website some time soon – I will let you know in a separate thread when done.

It has been an experience all by itself that I could share my Route 66 world with so many readers. Today, I put my day-to-day blogs in a Word-document for easy reading on a lawn chair with a cold one. The spelling checker showed an embarassing number of typos and spelling errors – writing in the spirit of ‘’stream of consciousness” 70ties-style does that apparently; I hope you readers of the blogs did not mind too much. (If you would like to have this Word document, send word to harold.de.bock@planet.nl.)

If and when my solo saga inspires you to (finally) do what you have had in mind trip-wise already for a long time: start planning, get going and make sure we can all read about your Triple tales.

So long, it was a pleasure being in virtual touch with you all.

Ride safely.

Harold – “Ride to Write”

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