Day 6: Purpose without a Destination

Manana day. It comes natural in NM. R66 leads to Santa Fe today. Solitude on two wheels. Even Hoosier hearts, not known for their high rhytm, would manage to cut down 50%.

In NM, R66 has not one horizon but two. At different levels from he rider’s perspective. They compose a musical tune of two tones. The lower one is the true horizon, the upper one is the mesa horizon – once the true horizon but that was millions of years ago. The mesa’s now have gaps between them which reveal the true horizon of today. Nowhere a sign of civilization in sight, not for hours on end. It creates an hallucinating trance when riding.

So, thoughts wander off into the far distances of the mind. Wasn’t that the idea? Here in the dessert of NM the essence of the journey materializes. Because: this riding saga for me has no destination, it has a purpose. Breaking away to find out what is next. The week’s events build up to revelations. Not shocking in themselves, but a wake-up call that I needed. The symbiotic relationship between R66 and I40 is the essence of the melody. With the undertones produced by MS, this off-the-world landscape brings it all out loud and clear. This is spiritual home. Having started the day with an unexplainable tenseness and apprehension, total calmness takes over.

‘These triples are great, reliable machines’ – spontaneous words from a Guzzi rider outside the classic Las Vegas Plaza Hotel Saloon. (There is a historic Las Vegas in NM.). It takes a few second before I realize what he just said. He knows this type of bike…. And I in a way need his comforting words. MS seems to be adding new instruments to her orchestra that I am not familiar with and need to evaluate upon their contribution to her total performance. Higher pitched sounds from the carbs area, lower beats from near the exhaust, a bit rougher riding in certain RPM ranges. Was it just the immense heat of today? Tomorrow I will find out taking her up into the high mountains north of Santa Fe; there I do have a destination.

Thus, Santa Fe is the turning point; I will go no further. On the calender of time, the Grand Canyon would be feasible given that I want to be back next weekend in Bloomington Indiana. But here in desolate and serene NM, R66’s treatment has taken its desired effect, further medication is no longer needed. Will it last?

Plus: R66 is approaching Arizona. Then R66 is mainly I40 except for a stretch near the California stateline (which I know). No freeways for me anymore, R66 inspiration I sought and have found. These mainly HD and Goldwing types monotonously racing down the freeways . It is like going to the Indianapolis Speedway and just ride around all day, day in and day out. Of course I know where it comes from. I know Hotel California.

Harold – “Ride to Write”

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